About Us

Pittsies Icebox is a family business based out of Bexley, Ohio. While growing up Tim Pitts's family owned and operated a Brigham's Ice Cream restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts.  Inspired by this family history in the ice cream business and a dream to continue the tradition Pittsies Icebox was created. 

Henry Pitts, the oldest of the five Pitts kids, loved the idea of having his own business that he could pass on to his siblings as well as a chance to earn some money and give back to the community.  Thus, Pittsies Icebox was born: an old fashioned style ice cream tricycle to be pedaled around town and used for special events.



Pittsies Icebox is available to rent for your special occasion.  From a simple backyard birthday party to a lavish farm wedding, it's the perfect vintage element for your event.  It is also ideal for graduation parties, block parties, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, fundraisers, etc. 

Please fill out the questionnaire below and tell us a little about your event.  We will try to provide flexible and affordable pricing based on length of rental, delivery location, and whether we are providing the treats or you choose to stock it yourself - it makes a really cool cocktail bar!

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Cycling Good

An important aspect of Pittsies Icebox is the ability to "cycle good."  Not only are the goodies being cycled or pedaled through town and to events, but 20% of all proceeds will go to local charities or non-profit organizations.

Some of the charities we support:


Contact Us

Email: timothygpitts@gmail.com

Phone: 614-246-1274